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Berry Plastics Canada is a young, dynamic business always on the lookout for talented individuals to take on new challenges.  Berry Plastics Canada  is particularly proud to offer the complete development of our products from the design stage all the way to the shipping.

We are constantly preocuppied by the well being of our employees.  For example, a complete gym is available on site, VivaSanté available from our benefits supplier, school grants offered by Berry Plastics Canada .

Professional blooming at Berry Plastics Canada  involves the entire team which shares a quality of life, well being and the will to conquer new marquets with innovative products.  Team work, communication and animated debates  stimulate innovations.  At Berry Plastics Canada  our flexibility outweighs procedures allowing ideas and opinons to arise. Our focus is on what you, your personality, your culture can contribute!

Berry Plastics Canada  offers a very competitive salary and social security benefits combination.


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